The concept of dimension in understanding  survivorship.

       I am exploring the hypothesis that we are dealing with a multi dimensional framework,

and that much confusion hasarisen because of jumping from the scale on one dimsension to the

opposite score on a different scale.  Hence I am proposing that thereatre several dimensions

to describe and use to be more precise in our understanding.

       It's still in the concept stage.

       Lwearning how to best present scales

let's try a table to present a few dimensions

limitations of choice disempowerment nature - nurture reempowerment choices


( some Christian themes)

trauma dissociativeness traumatised



religion Life as we see it secular Duty of Care  v's  breach of duty of care.
  consent - non concent fight flight  freeze disempowerment - re empowerment bondage - freedom
psysiology anatomy the mind neurology capacity for sex